Wooden craft from Åland Islands

In 2020, the Åland Museum will begin work on collecting and documenting Åland wood crafts for the collection of Arts and Crafts at Eckerö Post & Customs House. By this is meant objects designed and/or manufactured on the Åland islands or designed by someone connected to Åland.

In this summer’s exhibition, items from a selection of wood craftsmen are on display. Including already acquired items and loans. Here you will find everything from large furniture to small jewelery and spoons.

The techniques used can be, for example: carpentry, carving, turning, chip braiding, basket weaving, planing and grinding.

Wood is a sensitive and vibrant material. The choice of wood is crucial to the end result of the product. A beautiful vein in the wood can give character to an object, while others are intended to be painted, either decorative or solid colored.

Arts and crafts from Åland Islands and the Nordic countries with the theme ‘Festival’

The exhibition presents crafts in many different techniques. The craftsmen are free to choose how they interpret the theme.

The Nordic participants lead courses and workshops during the crafts festival, SLOYD FEST, which Ålands Slöjd & Konsthantverk arranges at Eckerö Post & Customs House 29 – 30 August, visit website www.sloydfest.net for schedules and program.

At the festival, visitors can experience courses, workshops, lectures and demonstrations in many different craft techniques and materials.
There will also be a market for quality crafts from all over the Nordic region.