Summer Exhibition NITTI 2.5-2.9.2018

Welcome to the Ålands Slöjd & Konsthantverk association´s 90th anniversary exhibition!

The association was founded as Ålands Hemslöjdsförening 1928 by school director Karl Gustafsson. The activities were at the start of ambulatory craft schools, where teachers travelled around Åland and held month-long courses in wood and metal work. Course activities were developed to Ålands Hantverksskola, which the association operated during 17 years in Tosarby, Sund.

Much has happened during these 90 years; courses, exhibitions in lots, different markets and events. The association even managed to build a whole house, Ålandsgården to the Åland exhibition in 1936. In the historical part of the exhibition there are presented a lot of objects from the beginning of the business up to the present day.

In the second part of the exhibition, Old Becomes New, 24 of the members of the association show new crafts items. The exhibits are inspired by at least 50 years old handmade items. This part of the exhibition has been assessed by interior designer Mikael Löfström and former manager of Österbotten’s handicrafts rf and handicraft teacher Anna-Maija Bäckman.

The exhibition products are made for this exhibition and have not been on display before.